Bbiotec Theranostic
We used the immune system of Alpacas for the generation recombinant Antibodies for Cancer Diagnostic and Therapies Read more
NANOBODIES Recombinant and polyclonal antibodies obtained from alpacas In these organisms, nanobodies can be produced in large quantities, obtaining the same quality, which transforms them into antibodies that are easy and economical to produce, unlike other conventional antibodies that are slower and more expensive to produce. Read more

Our Company

Berking Biotechnology is a company that was born in the south of Chile, in the city of Valdivia, surrounded by lush forests, rivers and of course, surrounded by the intense Valdivian rainforest. Founded in July 2017, we are born from the idea of creating new solutions to existing problems by exploiting innovative scAb technology to facilitate research.

Our services

Customized Service for single chain antibodies, generation, identification, isolation and production.

Inmunization of Alpacas with your antigen.

Inmune response testing and generation of cDNA.

Generation of bacterial library.